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HIVAGI Garden Water Timer: Effortless Automatic Irrigation for Gardens, Lawns, and Greenhouses.

HIVAGI Garden Water Timer: Effortless Automatic Irrigation for Gardens, Lawns, and Greenhouses.

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Gardening enthusiasts and homeowners alike understand the importance of efficient and reliable watering systems. Enter the HIVAGI Model HCT-626-HCG-002 Garden Automatic Irrigation Water Timer System. This innovative device takes the guesswork out of garden maintenance, ensuring your plants get the right amount of water at the right time. In a world where water conservation is crucial, automated irrigation systems like the HIVAGI Water Timer are more relevant than ever.

Features of the HIVAGI Water Timer

The HIVAGI Water Timer boasts a variety of features designed to make garden irrigation a breeze:

Large LCD Display

One of the standout features is the large LCD display. This screen provides clear, easy-to-read information on watering schedules, remaining power, and more. Whether you’re setting up your timer or making adjustments, the display ensures you can see what you’re doing without squinting or second-guessing.

Rain Delay Function

The rain delay function is another highlight. This feature allows you to postpone watering during rainy periods, preventing overwatering and promoting water conservation. Simply press and hold the OK button for two seconds to activate this mode, and your watering schedule will automatically adjust.

Manual and Automatic Watering Modes

Flexibility is key with the HIVAGI Water Timer. It offers both manual and automatic watering modes. In manual mode, you can water your garden whenever you see fit, perfect for times when you need to give your plants a little extra TLC. In automatic mode, you can set precise schedules to ensure consistent watering.

Technical Specifications

Understanding the technical specifications can help you maximize the benefits of your water timer:

  • Inlet & Outlet Details: The device features 3/4" external thread connections for both the inlet and outlet, ensuring compatibility with most standard garden hoses.
  • Ingress Protection: Rated IPX5, the timer is protected against water jets from any direction, making it durable in various weather conditions.
  • Working Temperature and Pressure: It operates effectively in temperatures ranging from 1 to 45 degrees Celsius and pressures from 0.05 to 0.8 MPA.

Benefits of Using the HIVAGI Water Timer

Using an automatic irrigation system like the HIVAGI Water Timer offers numerous benefits:

Water Conservation

With precise control over watering schedules, you can significantly reduce water waste. The rain delay function further enhances conservation efforts, ensuring you only use water when necessary.

Convenience and Flexibility

Automating your watering schedule frees up time and reduces the hassle of manual watering. You can tailor the watering frequency and duration to meet the specific needs of different plants, ensuring optimal growth.

Enhanced Garden Health

Consistent watering helps maintain soil moisture levels, promoting healthier plant growth. With the HIVAGI Water Timer, your garden will thrive even when you’re not around to tend to it daily.

Installation Guide

Installing the HIVAGI Water Timer is straightforward:

  1. Attach the Timer: Connect the timer to your garden hose, ensuring the inlet and outlet threads match.
  2. Insert Batteries: The device requires 2 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (not included). Insert them into the designated compartment.
  3. Set Up: Use the dial and buttons to set your desired watering schedule. Refer to the instruction manual for detailed programming steps.

For optimal setup, place the timer in a location where it can be easily accessed for adjustments and maintenance.

Programming Your Water Timer

Setting up your watering schedules is simple:

  1. Set Watering Times: Use the dial to select the start time and duration for each watering session.
  2. Customize Frequencies: Adjust the frequency to water every few hours, daily, or every few days, depending on your garden’s needs.

Manual Watering Mode

Sometimes, you need to water your garden outside of the scheduled times. The manual watering mode allows you to do just that without disrupting your programmed settings. This mode is perfect for unexpected dry spells or when specific plants need extra attention.

Rain Delay Function

Activating the rain delay function is easy:

  1. Press OK: Hold the OK button for two seconds.
  2. Postpone Watering: The next scheduled watering session will be delayed, conserving water during rainy periods.

This feature is particularly useful for preventing overwatering and ensuring your garden doesn’t get too much moisture.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your HIVAGI Water Timer in top condition:

  • Regular Checks: Inspect the device regularly for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Clean Filters: Ensure the metal aluminium filter is clean to prevent clogs.
  • Battery Replacement: Change the batteries as needed to maintain functionality.


Use Cases

The HIVAGI Water Timer is versatile, suitable for various applications:

Garden Watering

Perfect for maintaining a vibrant and healthy garden, ensuring each plant gets the right amount of water.

Drip Irrigation

Ideal for drip irrigation systems, providing consistent moisture to the roots of your plants.

Lawn Sprinklers

Keep your lawn green and lush without manual intervention.

Greenhouse Applications

Maintain optimal growing conditions in your greenhouse with precise watering schedules.

Safety and Durability

Built to last, the HIVAGI Water Timer features:

  • Waterproof Rating (IPX5): Protects against water jets, ensuring durability.
  • Material Quality (ABS+PC): Made from sturdy materials that resist damage and wear.

The HIVAGI Garden Automatic Irrigation Water Timer System is an essential tool for any gardener looking to simplify their watering routine and promote a healthy, thriving garden. With features like a large LCD display, rain delay function, and flexible watering modes, it offers convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Invest in a HIVAGI Water Timer today and experience the benefits of automated irrigation.


  1. How do I set up the HIVAGI Water Timer?

    • Simply attach it to your garden hose, insert batteries, and use the dial to set your desired watering schedule.
  2. Can I use the timer for drip irrigation?

    • Yes, it is ideal for drip irrigation systems, providing consistent moisture to your plants.
  3. How does the rain delay function work?

    • Hold the OK button for two seconds to activate the rain delay, postponing the next watering cycle.
  4. What is the waterproof rating of the HIVAGI Water Timer?

    • It has an IPX5 rating, protecting it against water jets from any direction.
  5. Is the timer easy to install?

    • Yes, the installation process is straightforward, and the device comes with an instruction manual for guidance.
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